Refresh And Recharge: The Benefits Of Smoothies


More fulfilling than typical energy or sports drinks, smoothies are a great component of a healthy workout recovery plan. Here’s a list of the benefits of smoothies – followed by a delicious recipe you can try at home.

Workout Needs

 No matter what you do in the gym, it probably takes something out of you. After a workout, your body needs energy.

According to one expert sports nutritionist, “food is needed to repair muscle tissues and replenish glycogen stores” following a workout. Taking in nutrients following strenuous activity is also a great way to ensure you stay on track diet-wise, as well.

Quick, convenient, and easily transportable smoothies might just be the perfect post-workout treat.

<3>Power Packed Protein </3>

 One of the benefits of smoothies? The option to add protein heavy ingredients like milk or even added protein power can give you a huge boost.

As discussed in this smoothie rundown from Livestrong, protein heavy smoothies and shakes can help you muscles begin to do the work required for “muscle protein synthesis.” This refers to the complicated process whereby your body repairs and rebuilds muscle fibers that have been strained during you work out.

Surprising Hydration

 While you’ll probably want to grab some water immediately following your gym-session, smoothies also provide a high-level of critical hydration.

When you consider the natural, fresh ingredients of any decent smoothie, it makes sense. Given that many smoothies consist of fruits and veggies, their water content is relatively high. Experts also note that lower sugar content results in more lasting hydration power.

Restore With Fats And Carbs?

 Though fats and carbs may be diet no-no’s, the naturally-sourced varieties in smoothies can have considerable post-workout health benefits.

In fact, the natural sugars found in fruits are especially important when it comes to your body replacing lost carbs and supplying the glycogen needed to replenish your body’s supply. In addition, the naturally occurring fats in milk and yogurt can help reduce inflammation – meaning less pain and day-after soreness.

 Like all food items, smoothies should be consumed with an eye towards moderation in ingredients. When made with fresh, natural ingredients, smoothies can be a powerful tool for recovery and health progression.

A Complete Facility

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Try One Yourself

 This delicious post-workout smoothie recipe comes from The Nutrition Twins.


  • 8 oz of low fat or fat free milk
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
  • ½ a banana
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 /2 cup strawberries
  • ¼ cup walnut
  • 1 scoop of protein powder or ½ cup of plain yogurt


Combine all ingredients into blender. Blend.

For a cooler beverage, throw in few ice cubes. Enjoy!

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