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Pulse 30/30
3030-classSpin 30/30 and Tread 30/30 programs are designed to be efficient and effective at getting you optimal results. Spin 30/30 starts with 30 minutes on the spin bike, followed by 30 minutes of strength. Tread 30/30 begins with 30 minutes on the treadmill followed by 30 minutes of strength. The strength portion of the classes is designed to target different muscle groups each day of the week. We will be incorporating weights, steps, balance trainers, and TRX suspension training into the strength workout, to provide you with the best workout you can get! If you are looking for noticeable results, our 30/30 classes are right for you!

Pulse Cycle
cycle-classOur awesome, highly skilled instructors will put you through some of the most intense indoor cycle classes you have ever taken. Whether it be strength, interval, or endurance classes, you are guaranteed to leave feeling sweaty and accomplished.

Pulse Racers
pulse_racersJoin our Pulse Racers running group and you will be well on your way to completing your first 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or even Marathon! Already running races and just want to focus on improving your time, form, or want a group to run with; this is the perfect group for you. We are here to get you to your goal! All programs will run for a predetermined number of weeks based on the distance of the event at the end of the program.

Bounding Pulse
bound-classBounding Pulse, our signature rebounding class, is a fun and effective cardio and strength workout. But the benefits of rebounding don’t stop there! Rebounding strengthens the bones, protects joints from chronic fatigue, aids lymphatic circulation, promotes tissue repair, improves coordination, improves muscle-to-fat ratio, and much more. It is the perfect addition to any fitness program.

All fitness levels welcome.