The Power Of 2: Combining Personal Training And Workout Classes


With endless class offerings, personal training sessions, and one time specials, the gym “menu” can be more than just a little overwhelming. How should you really workout?

In truth, combing personal training and workout classes (rather than just choosing one) can be a terrific way to switch up your routine, fight boredom, and best of all, see positive results.

It’s Personal

Personal training is popular – it’s personal, after all.

While the mental benefits of working one-on-one with a qualified personal trainer are almost infinite, research suggests there’s some “real” benefits, too.

As discussed here, gym-goers who develop a relationship with a trainer can expect true guidance when it comes to form, personalized accommodations, and, maybe most importantly, goal management. Trainers can help you discover your strengths, develop training plans, and make steady progress on the fitness path.

Group Dynamics

Just as personal training carries a set of unique benefits, group classes have much to offer gym-goers of all stripes.

As profiled in a recent NBC Health piece, working out with others (while guided by a trainer or coach) is a terrific way to kick your routine into high gear. In a group setting, you can expect increased motivation, accountability, and maybe even new friendships.

In the words of one exercise expert, group class offerings like spinning, barre, or small group training can even lead to “positive competiveness…you may push yourself harder than you would on your own.”

The bottom line? Group classes are perhaps the best way to work out in a crowd – combing a motivating social scene with the power of sweat equity.

Scheduling For Maximum Results

Personal training. Group classes. Is it possible (or even smart) to combine them?

The answer is yes. In fact, designing a week’s schedule of personal training in combination with group workouts is perhaps the best way to introduce variation into your exercise regimen. According to health expert Dr. Michael Smith, this kind of varied activity plan is “ideal for anyone…the backbone of any well-developed exercise program.”

More than just preventing boredom, varying your workouts or “cross training” has been shown to be the best way to prevent overuse injuries, avoid plateauing, and maintain motivation. On various days of the week, you can naturally engage different muscle groups through a mix of push and pull, cardio and strength.

By combining personal training with group classes, you’ll reap the benefits of this variation – without having to develop your own unique training plan.

Workout With Experts

If you are interested in beginning a dynamic routine of personal training and group classes, you need a gym that offers the best of both worlds. Pulse Fit NJ is up to the task.

With a team of passionate fitness experts, Pulse Fit NJ offers the individualized attention and exciting class environment needed for maximum results. To get started with a consultation or to find out more about class and training offerings, contact Pulse Fit NJ today.

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