Conquering The Couch: 5 Ways To Get Kids Excited About Fitness


Face it: It can be a challenge to get kids excited about fitness and off the couch – especially when school is out. Electronic devices, online gaming, and social media can all threaten to keep kids sedentary all summer long. Still, it is possible to get kids engaged in exercise – it just takes a few creative approaches. Check out these 5 tips for promoting physical activity during the dog days of summer – or year-round.

  1. The Power of Games

 It’s no secret that kids love a good game – just look at how many apps they’ve probably put on your phone! Bringing this gaming element to exercise is an effective way to peak your child’s interest.

As one kid fitness expert recommends, encouraging your child to design their own unique games – think “the floor is lava” or obstacle courses—draws on the same imaginative and creative skills that make video games so immersive. Your child will be up and active – without the burdens of competition, performance, or rules.

 2. Group Effort

 A secret advantage of getting your kids moving? You might benefit, too.

One of the most effective ways to encourage physical activity is to make it a group or family activity. As discussed here, neighborhood walks, scavenger hunts, or just a swim in the neighborhood pool are all great ways to both normalize physical activity and have fun with your child.

 3. Built In

 If you have kids, your schedule is probably packed with commitments: music lessons, clubs, school functions etc. Why not make exercise or physical activity a part of this schedule?

Experts note the generally positive response to scheduling – especially when the activity itself is something kids can look forward to. A set-aside time for a walk, basketball session, or jump rope contest can also be a great release valve during a stressful day.

4. Celebrate With Activities

 When exercise is cast a celebration – it’s hard to resist.

Sports-themed birthday parties can be a powerful tool to present physical activity in a new way. When held in an open, well-equipped facility, these parties allow your child to have a fun-filled afternoon with friends. Your child can choose supervised sports or engaging games led by trained instructors – all topped off with birthday cake.

 5. Do Something Different

 For some kids, the routine of team sports can become stale and boring. But there’s an exciting alternative!

Modeled after the hit NBC television series, “Ninja Warrior” style youth fitness classes are wildly popular – and with good reason. Under the direction of trained experts, kids can complete dynamic, obstacle-based challenges that call upon agility, balance, and overall fitness.

Help From Kids Fitness Experts

 As a leader in youth fitness, Pulse Fit NJ is proud of its team of kid-friendly experts. With a range of programs including birthday parties and Lil Ninja classes, these experts can handle it all. In an open, clean, and safe facility, your child can get moving, relieve stress, and, most importantly, have fun.

To find out more about birthday parties, lil ninja classes, or other youth-centric fitness offerings, contact Pulse Fit NJ today!


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