Should I Take Small Group Training or Group Fitness Classes?


Should I Take Small Group Training or Group Fitness Classes?

If you’re considering taking group fitness classes, you most likely have two options: small group training, or larger group classes. Both types of classes can offer unique benefits, and it can be tricky to decide between the two if you’re just starting out. To help you make an informed decision, let’s discuss the pros of both small group training sessions and larger sized group fitness classes.

Pros of Small Group Training

One of the main benefits of small group training is the personal attention you’ll receive from your trainer. Smaller class sizes allow for more individualized attention, which can help you to progress at a faster pace. In small group training sessions, your trainer will give you personalized advice to help you improve your fitness ability and your form. You won’t have to fight for their time or attention; they’ll be able to answer your questions and give you tips on how to improve.

Another significant benefit to small group training is the relationships you’ll build, not just with your trainer, but with other class members. When working out in small groups, you’re more likely to talk to other class members and become friends. Your new friends will hold you accountable, and they’ll become great supporters on those days when you’re feeling unmotivated.

Small group training is also a relatively economical option, especially when you consider for what you get out of it. In small group training classes, you’ll experience the benefits of personal training sessions without the high price tag.

Pros of Group Fitness Classes

While small group training is an affordable alternative to a personal trainer, it’s still going to cost you more than a larger group fitness class. If saving money is a determining factor for you, a larger group option is likely your best choice. Cheaper classes also mean you’ll be able to afford more of them, so you’ll have the chance to attend more often.

Group fitness classes are a bit more common, so there is usually a better variety of options to choose from. This can be a big pro for people who like to switch up their workout routines. If you prefer to mix things up, you’ll likely have a larger range of group fitness classes to choose from.

The Best of Both Worlds

Small group fitness classes and larger sized fitness classes both offer unique benefits that can help you get in better shape. If you want to reap the most benefits, the best solution is to do both. You’ll enjoy the personalized attention of your trainer and the friendships you’ll make in smaller classes, while also enjoying the variety and affordability that group classes offer. Check out Pulse classes and training for more information.

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