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Refresh And Recharge: The Benefits Of Smoothies


More fulfilling than typical energy or sports drinks, smoothies are a great component of a healthy workout recovery plan. Here’s a list of the benefits of smoothies – followed by a delicious recipe you can try at home. Workout Needs  No matter what you do in the gym, it probably takes something out of you. […]

Conquering The Couch: 5 Ways To Get Kids Excited About Fitness


Face it: It can be a challenge to get kids excited about fitness and off the couch – especially when school is out. Electronic devices, online gaming, and social media can all threaten to keep kids sedentary all summer long. Still, it is possible to get kids engaged in exercise – it just takes a […]

With A Crowd: The Benefits Of Group Fitness


Working out from home is okay. Having a personal trainer is great. But what about a class? For newbies and gym veterans alike, a group fitness class – spinning, aerobics, strength training, etc. – can be a great way to switch things up. While it might be intimidating to waltz into a bright room, the […]

The Power Of 2: Combining Personal Training And Workout Classes


With endless class offerings, personal training sessions, and one time specials, the gym “menu” can be more than just a little overwhelming. How should you really workout? In truth, combing personal training and workout classes (rather than just choosing one) can be a terrific way to switch up your routine, fight boredom, and best of […]