“The instructors are amazing! They are extremely helpful and kind. I do not feel judged, ever. I like Pulse better than any gym I have been to.”

– Jaime M.

“Super clean and neat. The nicest people work there and it feels warm and friendly. Everyone is great- they all know all they need to know and then some to work on all parts of the body, train us hard but the right way and it’s great.”

– Barbara D.

“Being 60 plus it is refreshing to attend a facility where everyone is kind and helpful. I love the fact that there are early classes. The ambience and staff are warm and welcoming. I have been encouraged to modify where I need to and given great suggestions. Not intimidating to modify which is a plus. This is an environment where any age or ability can shine and find what they need regardless of experience or age or ability. Wonderful place. My husband attends and loves it and normally has never gone to classes of this sort because he finds it injury prone. Here he is comfortable to do as he is fit to do and loves it.”

– Sabina H.

“I think that Pulse has assembled an amazing staff! The instructors definitely encourage clients to push themselves to their limits and demonstrate a genuine caring about the client’s personal goals, incorporating those goals into each class. The instructors are sensitive to any limitations, knowledgable about not only fitness but nutrition as well. I believe that the Pulse staff is/was a carefully selected group that helps maximize the entire Pulse experience.”

– Jamie C.

“I love the class schedule and the way the workouts are broken up throughout the week. I know that I am working all of muscle groups and I love the way the classes alternate between tread and spin.”

– Kate M.

“Great instructors! Everyone knows me and what I’m capable of. I left my old gym to follow them and never looked back. It’s why I’m here. The instructors are friendly, they mean business and they care. I can tell they are there because they love it and they believe in me.”

– Noelle A.