Meet with a personal trainer to look good, feel good, and reach your goals with one on one workouts weekly. Choose your type of workout that works best for you- strength training, yoga, kickboxing, boxing, and more!

√ Individualized Attention
√ Faster and Better Results
√ Reduce Injuries
√ Increase Consistency
√ Realistic Goal Setting

personal training
60-min Sessions

1 hour without a package $90
12 sessions for $80 each
24 sessions for $70 each
36 sessions for $60 each

personal training
30-min Sessions

12 sessions for $50 each
24 sessions for $45 each
36 sessions for $40 each

buddy Training

Buddy Training is an ideal way to `workout with a friend and a trainer at a more affordable rate. Pick a friend who is on a similar fitness level and schedule to achieve your goals together.

√ Accountability
√ Support Team
√ Motivational
√ Non-Competitive
√ Goal Setting

buddy training
60-min sessions

1 hour without a package for $75/ person
12 sessions for $60/ person
24 sessions for $50/ person
36 sessions for $40/ person

small group Training

Small Group Training will provide you an intimate environment in a small group setting (3-5 people) where you can excel and take your training to the next level at a fraction of the cost of personal training. You will still benefit from our top trainers, targeted programming to meet your personal needs and ongoing support and motivation from your trainer and fellow group members.
Benefits of Small Group Training

√ Personal Attention
√ Camaraderie
√ Variety of Exercises
√ Economical
√ Support Group

small group training 60-min sessions

5 sessions for $175 / person
10 sessions for $270/ person